Using Facebook’s Algorithm to Market Yourself

Maximizing your Publicity
If you’re like me, then you are deliberate about your Facebook posts. You don’t post a status every time the weather changes, don’t post a picture of every meal you eat, and you certainly don’t poke a friend every time you want their attention. Your content is not often, but it is effective, and you want more people to see it.


Facebook introducing paid advertisements is a big deal, and something I will later recommend when building a company pages, but it’s not for personal accounts (unless you’re an aspiring celebrity). While you would certainly maximize your reach paying for likes, you would look quite vane if your recent upload was Sponsored.

The News Feed battle is constant, but you can keep your stories on top by staying relevant and timing effectively.

Relevance is the first manageable factor, and your friends can help you stay relevant. My stories will first be shared with my close friends (people I’m constantly interacting with) before John Doe, someone who I haven’t spoken with since high school. Anything I do is almost guaranteed to pop up in my close friends‘ News Feed, because Facebook assumes they care more than John from homeroom. The way to overlap the two (close and neutral friends) and even integrate your friend’s friends (much friends, very Facebook) is to have Likes, Comments, and Shares (actions) on your content. The more actions a post receives, the more important it is, and the more attention it will receive in the News Feeds of your friends.

The timing of your post is also essential, and your demographics may vary. Check on Facebook chat to see how many people are Online Now, this should be a good estimate of your immediate reach. Peak Facebook hours for myself are in the evening (with exceptions to Friday and Saturday), when everyone is done with school or work and have time to browse the internet. The best time of the week to post is when everyone’s doing nothing (or blogging), aka Sunday evening after 8 pm.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.50.43 PM

Quick Cheats: These will refresh your posts in the News Feeds of your friends

  • Interact with more people
  • Questions require responses when comments don’t
  • Changing your profile picture, even if you are re-posting the current photo.
  • Commenting on your stories. It could be an update, a reminder, or maybe you wanted to say more than just the caption?
  • Tagging is a great way to redirect attention back to an old post. Whether it be adding a location, tagging your friend, or even adding a hashtag to the caption.
  • Liking a comment (can be your own) on a group or event that’s getting buried by new content will bring it back to life and pin it to the top.
  • Return the Favor by liking and commenting back on your friends’ content. This will make them more likely to act on your posts, and keep your more relevant.

See the full blog post here!

Minimizing your Publicity
But what about those people who want to maintain privacy?
Check back for my next blog post on ways to strategically share your content and better protect your information!

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