WestJet Airlines and Their New Marketing Technique

For someone who has never even heard of WestJet Airlines, it’s definitely a company worth looking into after their extraordinary display of generosity at Christmas time. I mean, what could be better than getting gifts from someone you never expected…your airline?


WestJet Airlines is a low cost airline based out of Canada. This past Christmas, the airline did something amazing. As people were waiting to be able to board their flights, they had a giant TV put into a box to make it look like a present, where people would go up and tell the virtual Santa what they wanted for Christmas. Then, while the people were on their flight, the workers went out and bought everything that they had asked for, from TV’s and Tablets, to socks, and everything in-between. They wrapped everything and when everyone was waiting for their luggage to come, the presents were sent out with everyone’s name on them.


WestJet used this as a marketing technique for the company. They filmed the entire thing and put it on YouTube where it went viral. Around Christmas time, everyone was sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, and various different websites. The company also said that as more people watched it, they would donate flights to those who were in need of help, and with 35 million views on YouTube, it illustrations exactly how well this video worked.

This marketing technique really worked for WestJet because as a small airline, people around the world have seen their ad and have shared it with many different people. It was such a heartwarming video that you became intrigued with the company and want to find more out about the airline.  Their kindness was seen by so many different people around the world, and if you google “WestJet,” the video is the second link that comes up, so its popularity is very evident. In my opinion, this was a successful method of not only becoming more well known, but it was also a great way to make many people happy.

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