What Nike is all about

When asked, “what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nike?” this was the most common response.

“Just Do It.”

High performance, athletism, individuality, and strength were among the other responses. From these answers it is clear that Nike has established a brand.

In this modern day of age, advertising is all about marketing a brand. From its commercials to its website, Nike has been able to create an emotional connection with every customer by inviting them to be the best while using their products.


In my opinion, Nike’s advertisements are the best I have ever seen. Not only do they captivate your attention by putting the biggest sports stars in the commercials, but they also create this feeling of being unstoppable through their “Just Do It” slogan. As shown below.

This type of attention to detail that the company has when it comes to advertising is what creates loyal customers and is what allows the company to continue expanding. Based on this we can conclude that not only is Nike an athletic footwear, apparel and equipment company but it can also be considered a style of life.

By: Lina Gutierrez


About Lina

Colombian born. 23 years young. Overthinker.
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