Wonderful Pistachio’s Superbowl Advertisement

While Wonderful Pistachio’s commercial did not get the same level of attention as some of the other advertisements from Super Bowl XLVIII, personally, I have found it to be the most memorable one. The advertisement was in two separate parts that ran close to each other but not directly adjacent to one another and featured “The Colbert Report” host, Stephen Colbert. My friends and I watch “The Colbert Report” at our house occasionally and we find his particular brand of humor to be very funny. We are the type of guys who sit around and quote our favorite movies and poke fun of everyone and everything so anything that makes us laugh or even chuckle basically becomes part of our lives in one way or another. At the end of the commercial, Stephen Colbert is revealed to be a pistachio himself as he whispers “pistachio” to the camera. Humor that catches you off guard like that can sometimes be the most comical. It has been weeks since Super Bowl XLVIII and to this day my roommates and I will sneak up behind one another and whisper “pistachio” into their ear just to try and scare them for a few laughs. I believe it is very interesting that a company’s marketing campaign has become a part of my household. This advertisement may not have been able to get me to run to the nearest store to buy their product, but it has definitely made me develop a recognition with the Wonderful Pistachio brand.

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