Kanye West , Chicago Rap Genius, understands the importance of  marketing. Some might say Kanye West is the face of social media. “Mr.West” is known for his cocky attitude and out lashing of the media ( which we love) , and how he basically does what ever he wants when ever he wants. The moment  Kanye interrupted Americas sweet heart Taylor Swift award-winning speech at the VMAs, the world then realized Mr. West was an artist with no limits and very opinionated. Many saw his actions as absurd and disrespectful, but instead of closing off from the media, Kanye shot his brand into the spot light. He gladly embraced the role of being the villain in the public eye, creating chaos and gaining attention. There isn’t any celebrity that entices paparazzi and tabloids , acting in a manner that his mother the late Donda West would approve of. This  behavior has kept Kanye on top of the pop , hip hop charts and now Sneaker world. And I Believe Mr. West is fairly aware of it enjoying all the attention.

Kanye Omari West is now worth roughly around 100 million. Releasing his third album Yeezus in 2013 , Kanye sold 327,000 albums in the first week. Claiming the top Billboard spot.  He also stuck his hand in other markets, storming the sneaker design market. Kanye collaborated with Nike and released his signature shoe The Air Yeezy in 2009 , becoming one of the most sought after pair of sneaker in decades. Kanye recently rattled  the market again releasing the much-anticipated Yeezys 2 “Red October. Even after Kanye left Nike to join Adidas , Nike released the Air Yeezys 2 this month , at a surprise to the consumer and left a lot of fans Yeezyless. Once the shoe hit the online market , social media went wild. The pair of Red Octobers retailed at $245 on , and later resold on eBay for $14,000, yes $13,000 of over retail. That is absolutely rare for sneaker to resell for that amount the day of releasing. Even though that an insane amount of money to spend on a shoe , The GOAT Michael Jordan “Flu Game” Air Jordan 12s sold for over $100,000.west

Kanye clearly has a major influence on todays pop culture market.He  has made statements of working with top designers  of Louis Vuitton. Wait!  He did, releasing one of his five designs in paris for a showcase. He even  took it to limits when publicly bashing Nike  on the radio for not giving him his proper “royalties”. He told Nike  he was one of the must influential persons in today’s culutre and could use his influential power to decrease their sells. Which we know isn’t true , but we love when Kanye is arrogant and talks reckless. His extreme level of confidence and cockiness has become a love hate situation. People either love him or hate him either way he capturing your attention, marketing his brand ,and making millions. Kanye is either in your subscribed monthly magazine, on your radio or is feature on your favorite talk show.Yeezus is everywhere

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