Radioshack’s “Out with the old, in with the new”


RadioShack’s new slogan “Out with the old and in with the new” really grabbed my attention when I was watching the superbowl commercials.In their add it says “Goodbye ‘80s. Hello future. It’s time to reprogram your brain and learn what the new RadioShack is all about.”What are they gonna do to make this happen? I used to shop at RadioShack all the time when I was younger and bought all of my electronics and accessories from there. In the last ten years it has seemed like radio shack has almost fallen off the earth. The only people it seams that shop there are older people who have been shopping there for years and are not up to date with technology. What is the reasoning for this? Could it be that they do not carry any new products? Could it be that other stores are offering products at cheaper prices? I think the thing that made RadioShack lose a lot of customers was that they do not sell videogames or videogame consoles. I feel like the electronic stores that sell videogames and televisions are getting a lot more business. When you go into these stores you can buy new videogames and TVs and you can also purchase all of the other things that RadioShack offers.

RadioShack really needs to do something to their stores to make them more appealing to customers. I am wondering what they are going to do to bring in the “new” things. Will they start selling different electronics? Will they remodel all of their stores and make them larger and more modern? I am not sure what they will do but they need to do something fast or else they will not be around in the near future.

If you would like to watch the commercial that caught my attention it is listed in the link below:


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