Aldi and Brand Copying

For those of you who have never heard of Aldi, it is a grocery store that was created in Europe. It has some stores in the United States and one here locally in Hadley. Like every grocery store it has milk, eggs, meat, snacks, etc.  Just glancing at some of their products it would seem like Aldi carries a lot of brand names, but when you look closely they are complete knock offs with the same color scheme and letter font you would see on many famous brands.

I remember going into the store once with my friend and he had bought what he thought was a yellow box with red lettering saying Nilla Wafers on it but when we left the store he looked at the box again and realized it said Vanilla Wafers and had very subtle differences than the brand he thought it was. We actually went back to the store another time and looked around more in the store to see the other products that we mistook for a specific brand. In some areas they had the real product brand that you would associate with a product right next to Aldi’s look alike product.

To me I think that Aldi should not be able to sell products that look that closely in appearance and not get in trouble for copyright infringement. They are using another company’s brand to sell their own, but are almost tricking people into thinking it is the large brand.

Below are examples of recognized brands and Aldi brand.

Saint (2)
alditresemme (1)

bj (1)

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