AT&T Changing the Game

There is something most of us have in common, if not all of us, and that is a cell phone in our pockets. As much as it’s convenient to have instant access to communication as well as information it does come at a cost. The costs I’m referring to are the contracts used on consumers to take away their consumer freedom. Recently the major phone company AT&T launched a bold new way to pay for your phone and its data usage. The company has a new “no contract” plan putting all its competitors on blast. If this wasn’t enough the CEO of AT&T announced that he was willing to buy people out of their existing contracts if they would come over to AT&T. Even though they aren’t the best ranked company they forced everyone to react which greatly helped out consumers. An example of this would be Verizon’s new Edge program where you pay the full amount for your phone but avoid the traditional two-year contract. You might be thinking that “pay as you go” phones have always existed and you’d be right that they have been around for a while, but for the first time on a major carrier smart phones are now “pay as you go”.  I thought AT&T did a great job leveraging itself and we could all learn something from their aggressive marketing policy.

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