Chocolate: How do you decide on what kind of chocolate to purchase?

Chocolate!!! I really can’t resist stepping into the candy aisles for every trip I make to Target. My holy grail chocolate: Lindt’s “Hello” chocolate collection. I’m not going to lie, it was definitely their packaging that got me into buying this. But actually, most of the products we purchase is because of the packaging. Lindt did a fantastic job on hitting the spot and pulling in customers with their adorable packaging and lettering. Literally every time I look at the packaging on the front of the bag, “Hello my name is…”, it feels as if it’s calling to me. Which sounds cheesy I know, but I think Lindt was very smart on the words and detailing they chose to put on the packaging.


I love how the collection includes a wide range of flavors suitable for different taste buds. If you’re a tart lover like me, strawberry cheesecake is the way to go! Maybe you’re a cookie lover, then go for the cookies&cream. I think it’s great how Lindt tries to include a larger pool of consumers who have different taste buds, this way, more chocolate for us and more profit for them as well.  

By providing this product at mass retailers like CVS and Target, consumers have more access to the product and it makes it so much more convenient for us. Whenever you’re feeling that sweet tooth rolling in, you know where to go!

Question for chocolate lovers like me though: how do you decide on what kind of chocolate to purchase?


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