Chrysler Stays Classy

In fall of 2013 Chrysler released their new SUV, the Dodge Durango. Initially it did not get much attention until its first commercial aired on TV in November with lead news anchor Ron Burgundy! Chrysler could not have made a smarter move. As Anchorman 2 was due to release the next month  it was a win-win situation. Will Ferrell was making appearances everywhere promoting the movie so Chrysler was very lucky to lock Will Ferrell to the series of commercials. Anchorman appeals to a wide range of people so it was more noticed and remembered than a generic car advertisement they could have put out.

The first time it aired I remember seeing it all over my Twitter feed. I’m a huge Anchorman fan so naturally I googled it to see what everyone was talking about. One of the reasons I am such a big fan of Will Ferrell and his movies is because he can make a joke out of anything and it actually be funny. I liked it so much I immediately shared it on Facebook and made my roommates watch it. In the next couple weeks they aired more Anchorman promoted Durango commercials which were just as funny as the first. This promotion was so successful that Chrysler’s sales increased about 36% compared to last year.


Unfortunately the Anchorman 2 movie was not as successful and was not able to live up to the original movie’s sales…



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