Dove Real Beauty Sketches

How many times a day do you hear women complain about their looks? Probably hundreds, just by scrolling through Twitter for ten minutes. You hear this girl bashing her body, face, hair… and listing ten other women who are prettier than she is. When I hear girls putting themselves down like this, I think, “How can she say those things? She is WAY more gorgeous than I will EVER be!” Then I realize that I am doing exactly the same thing.

Women are constantly judging themselves. It is sad to think that people can’t see how beautiful they really are. Dove addressed this issue in a very creative way. Women were asked to describe their features to a sketch artist. The artist sat behind a curtain, and never saw these women. Later, they were asked to mingle with the other women and describe one of them to the sketch artist.

The women were shown the two different sketches, side by side. The differences were amazing. When the women were asked to describe themselves, the sketches portrayed a sad, worn down, and hostile person. However, when they were described to the artist by someone else, a young, vibrant, and happy person was drawn. The women were stunned by the difference.

How can one person’s look be translated into two very different people? The realization that they were judging themselves so harshly brought some of these women to tears. Dove’s commercial from 2013 was able to make very clear that women look in the mirror and magnify their imperfections until their true beauty is no longer visible.

So, next time you look in the mirror, remember that you are your harshest critic!

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