Facebook: The Movie Advertiser’s Status

It appears that Movie advertisers’ statuses when it comes to Facebook is that they aren’t interested. Many film execs are finding that marketing films on Facebook isn’t worth it and are looking to other social media outlets for placing their ads. For example Tumblr was the go-to for many 2013 releases such as Anchorman 2.

Facebook has its place however for a certain demographic and it appears that demographic is slightly older. The problem is Facebook has a difficult time catching the interest of millennials who make up a large percentage of moviegoers. Many millennials are instead turning to social medias that don’t include their parents comments on their statuses and coincidently many do not like how many ads there are on Facebook and feel it takes away from the experience.


Another part of the problem is studios are now being asked to pay for what they used to get for free. Movie studios used to be able to set up movie fan pages that sent movie updates, video clips and photos to the newsfeeds of moviegoers (those who “liked” the pages), all of which was free for the studios to do. Facebook changed this by deciding what users could see in their newsfeed as a result of users tagging posts with negative comments and feedback.

It’s hard to believe businesses such as movie studios would be uninterested in promoting their work on a social media site as huge and vast as Facebook. Perhaps intended auto-play video ads will soon change the game? But then again more ads could result in more eye rolls from Facebook users. We’ll have to wait for the end credits to find out for sure.

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