Food With Integrity

Chipotle, the well-known burrito king, has always prided itself on its rejection of factory farming in favor of more sustainable practices. Chipotle has historically used an unconventional approach to marketing as well. Instead of the mainstream TV commercials, Chipotle has used more a social media friendly method to market their delicious burritos. Chipotle has used popular athletes and celebrities as endorsers by giving them lifetime burrito cards. In return, all chipotle asks, is for those celebrities to let the world know how much they love Chipotle’s food. Skateboarder, Tony Hawk, and professional baseball player, Bryce Harper, are two of Chipotle’s burrito endorsers. A genius strategy, as these athletes are essentially being paid $7 dollars a day, or the price of one burrito. 

Last fall, Chipotle released “The Scarecrow”, an animated short video that has over 12 million views on Youtube. The video focuses on why consumers should be in favor of Chipotle’s sustainability. In the next couple days, Chipotle will release a four episode web series called “Farmed and Dangerous”, that will be available on HULU. This series will once again promote Chipotle’s positive values. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of chipotle’s food, you have to respect their devotion to changing the way people look at fast food. They are more interested in changing food culture than selling burritos and tacos, and for that we must commend them. 

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