Guinness “Made of More” Campaign

Continuing the success of their “Made of More” campaign, Guinness has recently released a new commercial which it hopes will have success as well. In the past fall, Guinness ‘s basketball commercial was shared exuberantly around social media and received many positive reviews. The commercial showcased a group of wheelchair basketball players in an intense game, until the end when they all get out of their wheelchairs to walk away, while their friend who is truly in a wheelchair rolls out with them. Guinness then ends the commercial by a narrator stating “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character” and by showing the Guinness symbol with “Made of More” written under it.


In their newest commercial, a picture of two twin biathlon athletes is shown and captions come under each twin. The captions describe their journey as athletes to be Olympians. Through the captions the audience learns that one of the sisters was too ill to compete in the trials and so the twin who makes the Olympic team gives up her spot to allow her sister to compete in the Olympics.  The commercial ends with the same message that the basketball commercial ended with, typed on the picture was the caption “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character” and then the Guinness symbol appeared with “Made of More” written under it.


This commercial provides the audience with another heartfelt message resonating with the Guinness brand, however it faces a major setback in whether or not it will go viral and have the broad outreach Guinness’s basketball commercial had. The commercial was released only a week before the Olympics started and because of an Olympic rule preventing Olympians from promoting non-Olympic sponsors, it has been put on hold for the entire duration of the Olympic games and wont be allowed to be shown until after. This could potentially limit the ad’s exposure, as this story will by then be old news. Or will the ad benefit from their previous ad’s success and be unaffected by the delay? Either way the producers over at Guinness have done a phenomenal job in creating emotional ads that connect strongly to the audience and promote their brand greatly. Their advertising success as a whole will surely continue. 

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