Mad Men Advertising

I have always been fascinated with this show and how the characters develop throughout the seasons. It has been one of my favorite shows and for many people such as myself, it has created an interest in the world of advertisement. I’m not sure if it is an accurate depiction of how the advertising world really is with all the sex and alcoholism but it is interesting how “ad men” in the show think and work.

There are some aspects of marketing and advertising that are in the show that I see today. For example, there was an episode aboutĀ Kodak Carousel (Picture Projector). The main character Don, describe the object as a time machine into happy moments of a person’s life instead of just a wheel. He talks about how a product can go beyond creative technology and have a “sentimental bond with the product”. This is advertisement in the sense that it’s a commercial about creating moments and reliving good moments. Similar to this, LEVI’s had a commercial a year or two back about people hanging out having fun at night time sharing moments with friends. To me, it was showing good moments that you can have wearing their jeans. And similar to both of them, the Volkswagen commercial with German engineers getting wings when they hit a 100,000 miles. This commercial was saying that there are good moments that happen in the car. Any car lover would love to see their car hit 100,000 or other milestones.

Even though, marketing isn’t all about personal connections to objects we buy. The ones that effects me the most of the ones where moments can be created with a product they are selling me. A product that is more than just material and becomes an item that has personal attachment.

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