One day when I was walking through the grocery store with my parents, I came across something I thought was very amusing. We all know the name brand cereals like “Frosted Mini-Wheats,” “Cocoa Pebbles,” “Lucky Charms” and so on, but do you know about the Malt-O-Meal cereal called “Frosted Mini Spooners” or “Honey Buzzers”? Your answer will probably be no. A popular thing for customers to do now is buy more products in bulk. In the cereal isle there is a spot where you can buy cereal that comes in bags, for a lower price, for a larger quantity! Who wouldn’t want to do that? When I was in the store that day with my parents, we couldn’t help but stand and laugh at the names of the cereals, which were what I found so amusing. “Frosted Mini Spooners” are the Malt-O-Meal’s version of our well-known “Frosted Mini-Wheats.” “Honey Buzzers” are the well known “Honey Comb” and “Berry Colossal Crunch” is the delicious “Captian Crunch.” Because I know the popular brand names so well, seeing these bulk sized bags of cereal with silly names made me want to buy them. So we did. My family rarely buys the brand name of cereals now because why spend more money for less? Many people may be iffy when buying non-brand name or well-known products, I have to say that these cereals taste even better than the ones we have all come to find in our cereal cabinets at home. Can anyone guess what well known cereal “Marshmallow Mateys” is in our popular brand? 

Here are a few pictures of some Malt-O-Meal cereals:

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