Marketing for Online Shopping: Tobi

With the rising price of gas, the at home convenience, and the easiness of technology it makes sense that more people are online shopping. Some stores I have come to notice are better at utilizing this source more than others to increase sales. One store in particular that I think is doing very well is called Tobi. Tobi is an online clothing store for women. Tobi is online only and now offers free shipping with no minimum purchase amount requirement. I feel that being a store that is online only you have to offer free shipping if consumers do not have the option to visit a store.

TobiTobi 2Tobi 3 Tobi’s marketing I feel is very successful. Tobi not only sends esthetically pleasing emails advertising their deals like 50% off the whole store but they also utilize Facebook. Tobi offers all consumers 50 % off their first purchase from the company. This is a great way to give people an opportunity to get this first order discounted and potentially make them returning customers. Next if you can get five of your friends to sign up for accounts you get 50% of your next purchase. Tobi also gives you the option of posting to Facebook so you can see items that your friends are looking at. For me when I see a friend was looking at Tobi clothing I instantly get the urge to go on myself. Tobi has really come a long way since their start and really use excellent marketing techniques to increase their sales.

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