Marketing in the American Automotive Industry

I love anything with a motor. If I can rev the engine, hear the exhaust, and smell the gasoline then I would love to drive it, tinker on it, and gawk at the power. Personally I own a 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 motorcycle and enjoy riding it and maintaining it. 2013-05-02_12-45-55_499

The American automotive industry has had huge innovative leaps including the creation of the production line with the Model T, the invention of the V-twin engine, the establishment of the two best known motorcycle brands in the world; Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles. However, all of these innovations would be useless without the consumer and the marketing behind them.

American car manufactures have spent million if not billions of dollars int0 creating the image of “Americana” in which everything built in American is the best made. This is clearly shown in the ideas of “Built Ford Tough” and “Grab Life by Horns” etc. However, many people have the opinion that the quality and reliability of the American car and motorcycle experience that manufactures produced vehicles that would need eventually break down and require large maintenance before other brands. An example of this was the original Ford GT which is one of the most well known “Supercars” ever know but is notoriously know for breaking down.

02detroit frdconcept

However in recent years the quality of American manufacturing has improved vastly, especially in the case of Harley Davidson. American cars have began to compete with the quality and reliability of Japanese cars that since the rapid expansion in the mid 1900s.

Harley Davidson has a very niche market with a very long waiting list for a motorcycle. Undoubtedly Harley Davidson is the best known American brand motorcycle and has come a long way in terms of quality from the days when accelerating rapidly would shake bolts off of the bike.

In summation, I love Harley Davidson. They are a brand that has developed to be great quality and have the undeniable “Americana” factor. Eventually I will purchase my own orange and black Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide.

Harley CVO

Until that day if you see me around campus give me a shout and I’ll rev up the engine for you. See you on the road.

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