The NBA launched their “Dream BIG” campaign on MLK Day in January. The campaign is part of the NBA’s efforts to celebrate black history month. The main purpose of these ads is to support non-sport dreams..The recent commercials for this campaign have featured the Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh and the Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert. 

In the Bosh commercial, non-sports professionals were used to show a wider goal for the NBA, not just sports. The commercials showed U.S. District Court judge Eric Hendon, Dr. Yvonne Turner Johnson, and photographer Gary James, who all mention that they achieved their dreams. While showing an athlete working, the voiceover for the commercial says “Not every artist performs in front of the cameras. But all of us can dream big.” This emphasizes the point of the commercial, making it clear that people can have a big purpose without being someone who gets a bunch of attention for it.

The Hibbert commercial features Roy going into a third grade classroom as a new student in the class, and he participates in all the activities with the students as if he was a third grader. This is a much more light-hearted approach as the commercial involves a lot of laughing and comedic points in the ad. Throughout the commercial, the children out-do Roy in all of the activities, except for basketball. This really ads to the humor of the commercial. At the end, the students talk about their dreams, with the students having non-sport professions as their dreams. This emphasizes the goal of the ads, to support the common dreams. 

These two ads tie together well, as the second shows children talking about their dreams, while the first showed people who achieved their dreams. These are two very good efforts towards supporting black history month.

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