Netflix- House of Cards

This past Friday we received the greatest Valentine’s Day gift ever, season 2 of House of Cards. Centered on Kevin Spacey’s character, Francis Underwood (a character whom you hate that you love) brings you through a dark political thriller which deals with revenge, secrecy, and the path to power. The viewer sees each of the steps on his path unfold and the potential consequences each of the characters could face. Some of which will leave you feeling shocked yet satisfied. One of the more interesting get-ups that the series has is the many asides that Spacey’s character has; he lets you into the insight of what really thinks about the people he is surrounded by in Washington.

It was the hype around season two that really drew in viewers this time around. The series launched video advertisements filled with all sorts of gripping scenes and a well chosen quote in one of them right as the ad seems to be at its climax “For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy…” They even made a spoof video featuring Underwood during the White House Correspondents Dinner. But, the most gripping advertisement is the one featured below.  With Underwood sitting at a monument that resembles the Lincoln Memorial, blood seeping from under his hands; it tells the audience that this man will stop at nothing to get the power he wants.

Netflix saw a large viewership of the series this past weekend.  This series is creating nothing but good outlook for Netflix, “The network monitored by Procera showed “clear signs of binge watching” as the numbers for each episode show viewers are continuing to watch the series throughout the day on Friday” (CNBC). With Netflix shares up more than 130% already year to date, Thursday’s trading before the release drove the stock up to an all time high of $439.49 (CNBC).
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