Netflix, the Cheapest and Most Convenient form of Entertainment

With everyone living such busy lifestyles, being able to sit through a whole television show or movie can be a difficult task to complete without being interrupted. This is precisely why I consider Netflix to be the next best thing since sliced bread. Netflix has come quite a long way since 1997 when it was only a online DVD rental company, to now being a primarily online streaming business with 44 million subscribers in 41 different countries. Knowing that a year of Netflix ends up costing each subscriber $95.88, having 44 million subscribers has built this company to a business that generates over $4 billion annually. Along with that, constantly advertising the fact that it only costs $7.99 a month for over 1 billions hours of television shows and movies, who wouldn’t want to get Netflix when the average cable bill is around $70.00 each month.

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And the Winner is…

Netflix is constantly coming up with new ideas and strategies to gain more subscribers like one of its most well known additions of the first web-only television show that not only won an Emmy award, but also won four Golden Globes. This is none other than the highly talked about show called House of Cards. The one controversial topic that has been discussed however is the fact that they released the entire season all at once. This makes it so people either watch it all at once, or many people watch it at different paces, making it so people spoil the new season for other viewers. I always thought that I would love this kind of set up but it makes it so you can watch an entire season in a couple of days and this just seems like it takes away from all the suspense television series create when you have to wait another week to see the next episode. Not only that, it makes many viewers lose the patience to wait in general considering they can watch an entire season as the please.


My Bad Addiction

I further more believe this based on the fact that I was a little late getting into the series Breaking Bad, which is another extremely popular series that recently just came to an end. I ended up watching the first four season back to back pretty much non stop on Netflix and by doing this I feel to an extent I ruined some of the enjoyment of slowly watching a series. Then when the fifth season came out on AMC, I would get so irritated with each episode ending with a cliffhanger and me not being able to watch the next episode until the following week. I feel that Netflix in a way made me not only impatient, but almost have the expectation for everything I want to watch to be readily available. I similarly did the same thing with the series Dexter, and now am some what sad that I watched another entire amazing series in such a short period of time and in a way reduced the amount of my overall enjoyment because I did so.

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Bringing Back Canceled Shows/Giving Back

However I can’t really complain that much about Netflix considering they are doing so many things positive for their subscribers, along with it also being my fault I choose to watch television series so quickly. Another huge addition to Netflix which had huge success was the fact they relaunched the popular show Arrested Development after being taken off the air, which many fans were thrilled to see back available with new episodes. Along with that Netflix has just recently announced that they are planning on giving back to the subscribers by spending a total of $3 billion on new programming for 2014, that’s about 60% of the overall revenue projected. With them putting so much money on the line to satisfy the customers it is almost certainly going to result in more subscribers due to them not only showing care for the customer, but also by increasing the amount of titles available to watch.

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Netflix has done so many things to adapt to the viewer that  adapting itself is a huge marketing technique that has been used to gain more subscribers. Mainly with the fact of technology and how they made it possible to stream television series and movies so easily from tablets, smartphones, and computers which in today’s society are all devices that are always being used and only becoming more and more apart of everyone’s lives. Not only that, the huge push of the online streaming is really what made Netflix successful because they were able to adapt to the changing times with technological demands. If they never decided to add online streaming and only stuck to DVD rentals, I can assure you that Netflix would not be as successful of a company due to the lack of adapting to the changing times.

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