No More Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was a popular app, which consists of a bird bouncing in between green pipes. This may sound very easy, but it was actually a lot harder to navigate the bird through the game. At first, it took a good amount of times to get over 10, but once you get the hang of it, it is not so bad. My personal best is 42, but I have seen many people exceed over 100. I am not even sure there is an ending to the game.  

The creator of the app, Dong Nguyen, had recently taken down the game. Flappy Bird was making Dong Nguyen fifty thousand a day, and he still took the app down.  He had announced that Flappy Bird would be taken down via twitter. I am sure that many people had downloaded the app before his announcement of pulling the game, but after his announcement, the downloads for the app must have sky rocketed. People who probably did not want to ever download it even downloaded it just to “try it out.” I believe that the game, Flappy Bird, would have died out eventually, and Dong’s announcement had brought many android and apple users to download the game before it was unpopular.


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