Olympic Hockey: Just Do It

This winter, all eyes have been on the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. I’m not too sure there are many better marketing opportunities than marketing a brand to a variety of different countries. While many people may enjoy and focus all of their attention on different events in the Winter Olympics, my main focus every 4 years is on the participating national hockey teams, specifically Team USA. If you have watched any of the Olympic hockey games thus far, the message for each team’s quest for gold is bold and clear for all to see on their jerseys: Just do it.


 While Reebok may be the sponsor of all NHL jerseys and tons of other gear, Nike is the proud sponsor of all of the Olympic Hockey jerseys and team gear. This is a huge hit for Nike. It’s a prime way to get their name more heavily involved in the hockey brand. The main way their name is known to fans of the NHL is through their equipment. However, equipment, especially for non-hockey players, is not what appeals to many casual spectators. Phenomenal job by Nike to get their logo on all of these countries sweaters and fan merchandise as well. 

Perhaps the best thing for Nike for American hockey fans was the performance put on by USA forward T.J. Oshie this past weekend in a game versus host Russia. With the game tied through 3 periods and then overtime, the game went to the widely controversial shootout. Unlike in the NHL, where each player can only shoot once, tournament rules for the Olympics state that players can go as many times as the team wants after the first 3 rounds of the shoot out. This is where T.J. Oshie made his name known to not only Americans all over, but hockey fans around the world. He went 6 times in the shootout, converting on 4 of them, including 2 with a do or die scenario and his last one for the win. That win was huge for the Americans and helped them to win their group. Oshie’s performance hit the tabloids and social media quicker than imaginable, even non-hockey fans are talking about it. Many people now want his USA jersey, and many people have also started to tune into the hockey games due to his feat. This has resulted in more sales and recognition in hockey for Nike. Thanks T.J.! Hopefully gold is in store in the near future for Americans and worn around their beautifully designed Nike jerseys!


Let’s Go USA! #BeatCanada 

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