‘Real’ Advertising

When I think of advertisements for beauty products or lingerie, I typically picture thin, beautiful models or celebrities that appear to be physically perfect. The thing about the women in these ads though, is that their images have been edited using Photoshop, a common practice in advertising. The result is attractive but unrealistic images of women that supposedly help sell the product. And when most ordinary women see these advertisements, they compare themselves to the glamorous model staring back at them, and, unfortunately, their self-image is often negatively affected.

Recently, though, some companies with beauty products or lingerie have come out with ad campaigns in which the women modeling the products are not photoshopped. For example, Aerie, a lingerie brand, now sends this message to their customers:

(click the image to get a better view)

Dove, a personal care brand, has also stopped photoshopping the women in their ads (and even features women that aren’t twenty-something):

(click the image to get a better view)

In my opinion, this is a great marketing technique. It shows the customers that the brands don’t need images of stunning women to help sell their products. In addition, ordinary women can better relate to the woman advertising the product than they could if she was a photoshopped model, and, therefore, are more likely to purchase the product. Finally, these ads suggest to women that they too can feel good about themselves without the help of Photoshop. All in all, I think these campaigns are very effective.


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