Samuel Adams

Stating the company’s brand in ads on the street, billboards on the road, or commercials on the television is always their main obligation. The last thing a company wants to do is lose site on what the main goals of their company are. The Boston Beer Company was founded in 1984 by Harry M. Rubin and is most commonly know for their product Samuel Adams. The reputation of the Samuel Adams brand is known for their consistence of quality. Co-founder, Jim Koch, has had this family recipe from since before the Prohibition and because of the loyalty of their consumers, this recipe hasn’t changed at all.

Samuel Adams always seems to have pretty basic commercials. Nothing really crazy taking place, no celebrates, and usually a common Boston song relating to their roots from the city is playing in the background. This commercial, that has been on the air for a couple weeks now, hit every note perfectly for the Samuel Adams brand. It is simple and to the point. It shows the tradition of the recipe that has not changed. And lastly it shows all its competitors changing year in and year out.

At the end of every good commercial, they reassure the viewer of what is taking place. Not because the viewer doesn’t understand what they just saw, but more along the lines of adding the signature to the commercial. The quick two-line phrase that was spoken during the second half of this commercial did just that. “Beers have came and beers have gone, but one has stayed the course.” “Don’t change for us, we won’t change for you.” Those two punch lines shows their customers that they have been sticking to their brand of consistence and will continue doing so for years to come.

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