Should Fast-food Chains be Able to Advertise During the Olympics?

The Sochi games marks the 10th consecutive Olympic game where McDonalds will be the official restaurant for the Olympics, but should it really? Every Olympic year I see McDonald’s flooding the games with advertisements relating their unhealthy fast food with the success of medal winning Olympians. When I walk into a McDonalds, I don’t see award-winning athletes downing a BigMac. No, I see people who look like the only time they got off their couch is to go get fast food.

McDonald’s Advertising for the 2014 Winter Games

McDonald’s advertising this year focuses on relating winning the gold medal to eating a chicken McNugget with the slogan, “The greatest victories are celebrated with a bite.” The commercial goes through the history of some of the greatest gold medal wins and the Olympians biting down on the gold. Next to the Olympian biting down on the gold, they have another biting down on a McNugget. Now, I love a McNugget as next as the next guy, but should they be comparing eating McNuggets or even associating it with the success of Olympians? The average Olympian does consume over 6,000 calories, but not one calorie goes towards eating McDonalds. So why does McDonalds get away with sponsoring the Olympic games?


The Selling Price of the Olympics Morality

You would think that the Olympics, being a well respected, time-honored tradition, would not be so susceptible to the influence of money over their morals. But for a small price of 100 million dollars you can be a top sponsor for the Olympic games. Even though the Olympics should be supporting the reduction of obesity, they instead promote it by allowing McDonalds to raid the Olympics with hypocritical ads that relate unhealthy food to athletic success. 

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