The Genius behind ‘Cards Against Humanity’


As many people may already know, The Friday after thanksgiving, dubbed Black Friday, is undeniably the most important day for companies. This one day will predict the consumer purchasing power for the rest of the holiday season, so there is a lot at stake for these companies.

Cards Against Humanity is a popular party game that has gained increased recognition for their marketing stint on Black Friday 2013. Instead of drastically decreasing prices like every other company, they actually increased the cost of their product on Black Friday to go along with the sarcastic theme that is incorporated into their game. As stated on their website that day, “All of our products are $5 more today only, so you can enjoy buying them that much more”. They didn’t have increased sales on Black Friday but instead gained free marketing because they were featured on news sites like USA Today and even reached the top spot on Reddit. Fans also tweeted about this “sale” like crazy because it was such a funny and ironic marketing stint.

This marketing strategy didn’t hugely increase their sales on Black Friday but sales rose up dramatically on the day after Black Friday when prices went back down to their normal amount ($25). This is because so many people found out about Cards Against Humanity from all the press that they received regarding their increased price on Black Friday. I believe this company’s marketing strategy was an excellent one because they did not spend a penny to market their game but instead further increased their revenue in addition to receiving free marketing and publicity. Image

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