The Power of Social Interaction

Competition in today’s fast paced technological world is fiercer than it’s ever been. The battle for brand recognition and domination has been taken to a whole new level in the last decade. Social media and the internet have accustomed consumers into instant gratification that does not allow for traditional marketing strategies to flourish as they once did. At the touch of a screen, consumers can now be connected to their favorite products and brands anywhere. This means marketing campaigns now have the ability to reach consumers at any point or place in time, and that’s powerful. The issue now becomes how to use that power in the most effective and efficient manner.

Many companies have been utilizing the power of social media and interactive marketing in their efforts to attract consumers. In recent months, I’ve noticed that there has been a shift in the way products and movies are being promoted. Instead of simply finding a catchy slogan and printing it on a billboard or magazine ad, there has been a rise in actually interacting with consumers while advertising. A perfect example would be the stunt that was pulled in a coffee shop to promote the opening of the movie Carrie.

Possessed With Intrigue

To promote the movie, they had actors inside a local New York coffee shop that re-enacted the supernatural abilities that Carrie possesses. A woman was typing on her computer when a man knocks her coffee over on her and she starts making a scene about it. Then all of a sudden she puts her palm towards him and he flies backwards and up the wall, all while the other customers are freaking out. In my opinion, this was a brilliant usage of interactive marketing because these customers most likely went home and told everyone they knew about what happened or discussed it on social media. The video itself was also broadcast on the news and other media outlets, thereby giving the movie an immense amount of free publicity coverage.

This type of interactive marketing is something that I believe will become very popular in the coming years because it is relatively cheap but highly effective. It gets people talking about the product right away and gives them a connection to the brand that is interacting with them. It may not always be as personal as this method, but also things like IBM’s new ads in cities that promote innovation through their usage of their ads as benches and ramps. An emerging trend like this should be very exciting to follow!

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