The YouTube Market

If you have gone to watch any popular video on YouTube, you have most likely seen a pre-roll ad before the video or seen a banner at the bottom of the screen. An increasing trend with advertising has been in this new YouTube market that many would not think about. The YouTube community has demographics that can range between any age, race, or even language. I believe if a company knows their audience well enough then YouTube is the perfect place for creating a need for their products.

As an avid fan and supporter of over 250 YouTube channels, I see these messages everyday. I see how the options YouTube gives both the creators and advertisers is effective and how quick one should catch the attention of this multitasking generation. Potential advertisers are given three options when putting up an ad on YouTube which are: a 15-30 second commercial, a longer commercial that viewers may skip, or a banner at the bottom of the screen. The audience is then given the options to click on the ad, watch it, or just close out of it. The creators of the videos are in control of the advertising content and can choose which of the above options is used on their videos. They can also choose to have no ads at all but they make a certain amount of money for each ad that is watched or clicked on. When researching advertising on the YouTube website, they state that the most effective for creators and advertisers is the option of a longer ad with the ability for the audience to skip it 5 seconds into the video. 

One option that many companies are beginning use is something the creators would call a “brand deal.” Companies are now targeting certain audiences of popular YouTubers. They will contact the YouTuber with a product they would like them to support and are willing to pay thousands of dollars for each video, depending on how big the audience. 


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