Now I’m not the biggest hockey fan, but I do enjoy cheering for my nation when it comes to the Olympics.  With the time difference in Sochi for this year’s winter games, it’s been hard for me to gain the strength to wake up for a 7:30 AM hockey game.  There’s just really no reason for me to wake up and stroll into my living room while still half asleep.

I’m sure many people feel the same way as I do.  Felt*, I should say.  I use the past tense here now because when the United States Hockey Team took the ice against Russia last Saturday at 7:30 AM, there was a little bar in South Boston, Stats, full of screaming fans, and many still waiting to get in.  Although alcohol can’t be served until 8:00 AM in Massachusetts, that didn’t stop a blogger from Barstool Sports Boston from letting everyone know that Stats would be open for business bright and early, at 7:00 AM.

Since Barstool Sports is such a popular website among college aged kids, the overwhelming amount of people that woke up to go to the bar is not that surprising.  Neither was the amount of Barstool Sports apparel worn in support of the USA Hockey Team.  The t-shirts have always been a big seller for Barstool Sports as they post links to the blog-specific gear on the blog post itself.

Sitting here now I can’t tell you if there’s anymore 7:30 AM games for Team USA.  But, what I can tell you is that this Friday at noon, there will be a viewing party for the next big game at a bigger bar in Boston, Hurricane O’Reilly’s.  I’m sure the change of venue was due to the huge turnout for last weeks party.  This viewing party is also hosted by Barstool Sports so be sure to wear any USA/Barstool gear you might have.


GO USA! #oshie


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