Valentine’s Day

Last Friday is the big Valentine’s Day for couples. Flowers, chocolates and candle dinner are must. Boys usually spend hundreds of dollars on this day. Who benefits the most on this day? Not the couples, but the business people. Originally it is only a day for couples to express their love. The business people use fancy terms to wrap up this day and make you buy the overpriced useless things. Valentine’s Day is a marketing strategy they use to earn more profit.

Normally people tend to buy things at low price, but on Valentine’s Day, it is opposite. A dozen of rose costs around $50, and people are still buying it. Its main purpose is to take pictures and show off on Facebook or Twitter. It is more like a competition on Valentine’s Day to compete on the number of roses, gifts, etc. When others see the posts, they will request their love ones to do the same. At the end of the day, the happiest will be the merchants.

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Not only Valentine’s Day, the business people also make other holidays into “money holidays”. They create a lot of reason for you to spend money and make it become a tradition. Think twice before you fall into the advisement’s trap. 3

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