What Can Tim Tebow Do With #NoContract?

 T-Mobile launched a new offer during the superbowl with an ad starring none other than Tim Tebow. The commercial is about all of the things Tim Tebow has done in the last year with no contract. It starts with him as a doctor delivering a baby, jumps to a comedy club where he is a performer, has him driving a stunt car, and even puts him in outer space at the end.  T-Mobile’s new deal is this, if you want to make the switch from your current provider to theirs, they’ll buy out your contract.


The #nocontract commercial also included a hashtag and gained much attention on Twitter. The inclusion of a hashtag is something that most companies are doing today and seems to be a cheap and easy way to generate a lot of publicity. The ad not only got across their main point, that they will buy out your contract and you won’t have to enter into another one when you use their service, it successfully did so comically. Critics are tough for commercials during the Superbowl, but T-Mobile was able to effectively launch a new initiative, while getting a few million laughs out of it at the same time.  Well done T-Mobile.


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