What do you Want, Need, Love?

Want. Need. Love
Better yet, Wanelo. This new website and app has been taking the media by storm. Not only do women in particular love it, but companies are using it as a major marketing medium for many products.

So What?…
Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Houzz, and Pinterest, Wanelo is purely a social shopping site. Users can add items to their “ultimate wish lists” and stock their arsenal with their favorite tops, coffee cups, bathing suits, phone cases, etc. Like Pinterest, Wanelo users can experience the artsy vibe that its competitor offers, however, the items   are purchasable, not just “pin-able”.

What makes Wanelo appealing to young shoppers is that their favorite trends are available at the touch of their fingers, literally. The site offers a way to connect your debit account, click, and instantly purchase an item. This is perfect for companies because it is like having your products advertised on Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay all in one place and for free!

Fascinatingly, Wanelo can also be used as a way to peak into customer behavior. For example, a manufacturer can see which products are being saved, indicating a liking or an intent to purchase. Also, the site offers comment boards and ratings under every item to  show consumer appeal and what people have been saying about your item.

But, how is Wanelo different from other shopping sites like NextTag, Overstock, or Shopzilla?
Well,  Wanelo can be integrated through Facebook causing explosive sharing, discussion, and publicity for your product. Those who visit non-integrative shopping sites like ShopZilla, for example, tend to know what they are looking for and their purchase is quick. With Wanelo, users are exploring different items and become exposed to the various other goods you have to offer (increasing your companies chances of growth!).

Simplicity is Easy.
Wanelo also makes it easy for companies to begin their journey into the social shopping world. All they have to do is add a product and Wanelo does all of the work. A “store” is created upon first upload and the rest is history! Next, a company can talk with shoppers through the comments about product info and recommendations. This makes the customer feel they are on a personal level with you. Lastly, a company can work with other retailers through blog posts to gain access to a wider consumer market.

“Wanelo is not a solo experience – it’s a community experience.”

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