What makes us American?

There are few things more American than everyone gathered around their television for the Super Bowl every year, regardless of whether their favorite team is playing. It is something that unifies us as a country. However, so is the song “America the beautiful.” Every American child learns the words to “America the Beautiful” and the pledge of allegiance about as early as we learn to sing our ABCs. The Superbowl commercial created by Coca-Cola created quite the uproar on that Sunday.  The beloved song was sang in multiple different languages. After its debut, social media was overtaken by large amounts of complaints and criticism.  Many American’s became over-protective over their beloved song that they have known for so long and as a result “#SpeakAmerican” trended on twitter. I found this outrage shocking seeing as I thought this commercial itself was beautiful. 

What makes us American? We belong to an amazing country that embraces all cultures and beliefs.  For that reason, America is beautiful. So for those that felt this was un-American, this commercial is as American as it gets. Coca-Cola is as American as it gets. Coca-cola was not showing that the language should be changed when singing this beloved national song, but that a country so accepting of everyone despite their background is who we are.  We show it in everyday life, why can it not be shown in an advertisement? Coca-cola is showing it is embracing that beautiful change with America. Coca-cola is American and in sixty seconds it showed us what that means.

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