What’s the key? Offense!

With the annual NBA All-Star weekend over until next year, many events occurred over the past few days that exemplify how the leagues market is evolving with new commissioner Adam Silver now in control of the helm. Over the past 5-10 years, many crazed basketball fanatics (guilty) have noticed how the NBA has seen a surge in offensive firepower. For those that have not paid close enough attention to this trend, all they need to do is take a glimpse at the box score of this past All-Star game. A score of 89-76 appears to be a relatively low scoring game, except this was the score at halftime… with the final score being West 163 – East 155!! With this ridiculous score in mind, I couldn’t help but think about what’s next for the league.

While defense is still the other half of today’s game, it’s the offensive explosion that is grabbing headlines and helping the NBA become more marketable than ever. The attention that used to be on defensive stalwarts has quickly shifted to players that can light up a scoreboard such as Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, and that is exactly what the league wants.

Melo 62

Throughout this year, basketball fans have witnessed remarkable scoring from Durant’s 12 straight games of 30 plus points to Carmelo dropping 62 less than a month ago. These are the type of players and performances that increase marketability and make people craving more! Adam Silver has said one of his main goals is making the NBA as popular as the NFL, and the way to accomplish that is through more offense, just as football has done with their recent rule changes. With all-world athletes like LeBron James and Kevin Durant at their disposal piling up those points, the sky’s the limit for the NBA’s market and just like a former Boston Celtics great once said…”ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!”KG


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