Why Red Bull is the King of Energy Drinks

Red Bull. Its a pretty simple name. Coffee actually has more caffeine in it to give you energy. And it doesn’t actually give you wings. So what makes it the household name that it is now?

Red Bull put all their eggs into one basket in their marketing campaign and got involved in a niche market: extreme sports. And it worked. Now when you turn on the X-Games or any other extreme sport-related tournament, the first thing you see is a big Red Bull logo plastered up somewhere that you can always see it. The athletes are all sponsored by Red Bull and there are always tents giving out free Red Bulls as the official drink of that event.

This was the perfect market to get in to. There really aren’t that many companies in the extreme sports industry, making marketing expenses cheaper than that of other professional sports. This made it easy for Red Bull to establish a monopoly as sponsor of most of these events as they picked up athletes such as Travis Pastrana, Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn.

What makes this niche market easy to reach out to a wide variety of people is the fact that even if you don’t watch extreme sports, there will always be clips of some athlete pulling off an impossible trick all over the internet. And that athlete is usually sponsored by Red Bull. This is why they can give out free Red Bull all over Southwest every spring.

Now they hold their own events like the annual Red Bull Rampage. Because who doesn’t wanna watch Kelly McGarry do a backflip over a 72 foot canyon on a bike?

This clip was posted by GoPro (a company that used the same marketing campaign after Red Bull and achieved the same results with a different product) 3 months ago and already has nearly 17 million views. Every year Red Bull holds dozens of events like this featuring some of the best athletes in the world with a monopoly on advertising in the entire industry. Red Bull got into the right market at the right time and has grown into a corporate giant because of its tactical marketing campaign.

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