Direct Marketing. Is it any good in the social networking world?

Good or bad marketing can make the difference between a failing business or a thriving business. Without reaching out to potential clients, how would it be possible to have a successful business?

Through my own recent experience in marketing for a home improvement business, I found that it is paramount to find the segment of clients needed to help a business get off the ground.  Segmenting neighborhoods through income and population density was one of my main tools in helping me find the right clients.

Once neighborhoods have been segmented, I would go to the neighborhoods to direct market certain houses that needed work. The direct marketing entailed knocking on doors and talking to potential customers. I would go up to the houses with a script while handing out a flyer with information about the company and offer certain services I provide. If the homeowner were interested in our services I would ask them for their contact information to set up a  future appointment with them. While walking around neighborhoods, I would also make note of the homeowners that were not home, so that I could come back and direct market them.

The process of direct marketing is not a very glamorous job, especially if you are on foot the whole time trudging through snow. But, it is a very valuable way to gauge potential client interests in services that could be provided to them. The amount of information I have gained through direct marketing was invaluable in helping me reach my goals of building a rich customer base. It was one the first and more effective ways of reaching out to targeted segments that I used to start my business.

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