Thank you, Mom.

Every two years athletes from over two hundred counties in the world compete in various events and sports during the summer and winter Olympic Games. Every famous brand name in the market strides to associate themselves with the indistinguishable symbol of the great Olympic Games, and will offer millions to do so.

Olympic athletes not only represent their countries during the games, but also represent their families. The multinational, consumer goods Corporation, Procter & Gamble (P & G), decided to air an Ad that truly captured this, called ‘Thank you, Mom.’ Sponsored by world wide known brands such as Bounty, Dawn, Gillette, Scope and many more, P & G aired a commercial during this seasons winter Olympics that paid great tribute to the athletes parents, well especially, their mothers.

This commercial is a teary-eyed story tale of specific athletes from the time they can walk to the time they are training for the Olympics, and how their moms played such a vital role in their Olympic medal pursuit. After watching this commercial, you immediately find the desire to call your mother and tell her you love her. It’s perfect. Well, almost perfect. I personally think they should have focused on the parent’s influence, where they mainly focused on the mother’s involvement. But that could just be a male’s bias opinion. The argument that P & G focused solely on the moms is because of the products sponsored by P & G are mainly targeted to mothers worldwide. This particular commercial has close to 19 million hits on youtube, and I guarantee it has hit each viewer’s heart in a warm way. Bravo P & G, Bravo.

Heres the commercial:

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