Does Loyalty Matter?

Family’s and people across the country pay Phone Company’s and Cable Company’s year after year and feel as if they get no reward for their continued business with them. These people watch the constantly repeated T.V commercials and see the mass amounts advertisements in newspapers and or on pubic transportation for amazing deals given by these providers but only to new customers. This constant marketing that teases their loyal consumers directly to their faces is disrespectful and disheartening. But there is some hope for us loyal customers, its hidden behind channels of sales personnel, help desks and managers, it’s called the loyalty department. I’m not sure every company has one but they defiantly don’t inform their potential or excising customers that it exists but rather try to hide it.

My family and I have been loyal T-Mobile customers for almost fourteen years now and only on the few occasions when my family had an upgrade did the benefits of the promotions that were being marketed at the time apply to my family. My mom never takes what a company tells her as the final word. She always knows that there’s more she can and will get for her money. I recently lost my smartphone, which costs six hundred dollars with out an upgrade. My mom called T-Mobile and they clamed they could do nothing. She was furious and spent the time which amounted to about fifteen hours on the phone going from person to person laying down empty threats of switching company’s for the new better deals they were offering. She was finally bestowed the honor of being transferred to the loyalty department. Once connected to someone they were very nice, spoke perfect English and saw how long we had been customers with them. With in the hour my mom had gotten my new phone for free, money taken off our bill for the next two years and we were ecstatic. The constant taunting by the marketing of the phone and cable company’s who shower their new customers in deals and ignore their old ones is what gave my mother the drive to find what it meant for a company like T-Mobile to keep our business.

Upon getting my contacts transferred and picking up the phone, the sales representative look at our bill and said, “I don’t know what you said or how you were able to do it, but you pay less than any person I’ve ever seen. Including me!”


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