MaxG is Hip-Hop

MaxG is a Boston-born rapper who is on the rise in the Amherst, Massachusetts hip-hop scene. Always an excellent writer in his studies at Umass Amherst, MaxG began learning to pen hiphop lyricism in 2011. He spent the next two years on the low developing his flow (delivery), and dropped (released) his freshman Mixtape ‘Finally Grown‘ in 2013.

MaxG’s inteligent lyrics and dynamic delivery beg for a listen. My favorite MaxG track must be ‘G.M.B. (Get Money B**ch)‘. His socio-economic commentary and word play stand out: “Life is reel – like a fishing trip – spent the whole day sitting but the fish didnt nibble a little bit”. His beat selection is eclectic, as well, featuring a reggatone-esque instrumental on the party jam ‘We’R Starz’.

If it were the early days of Hip-Hop, MaxG and many more bright new artists may never have been afforded the chance to shine offered to them by the present social media revolution.

MaxG owns several social media artist accounts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which are linked to music delivery sites, Soundcloud and YouTube, under the moniker ‘MaxGFlows’.

MaxG is attacking the social media front with strategic direction – but is it working?

MaxGFlows on Facebook only had 17 likes on Facebook and 11 followers on Instagram, as of February 24, 2014.

On the blog front, too, MaxG has no obvious presence. Has MaxG already attempted to enter this market and failed? is he unaware of the blog market?

MaxG began a twitter follow-back campaign in February, 2014 that grew his MaxGFlows follower base over 1,500 in 3 days. MaxG’s innitiatives correlate with his first international plays and downloads on Soundcloud, and with accelerating play counts.

Perhaps we are witnessing a strategic step-by-step approach in the works?

Whatever MaxG is doing, its working and I like it. Thoughtful lyrics, unique flow, incredible production, solid engineering and skyrocketing play counts beg the question – not if but when will MaxG be opening spring concert at the UMass Mullins Center?

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