A Pop Culture Frenzy (by Tiffane Lawla)

What is Pop Culture??

Pop culture is short for the term “popular culture”. Popular culture is a widely accepted group of customs or products reflecting the general public. This is basically anything on TV, top movies, bestseller books, fashion …you name it. There are TV networks or shows designated to report on pop culture such as E!, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight just to name a few. I have definitely been sucked into this frenzy as I watch E! religiously. If anyone is obsessed with watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, E! News or any reality TV show, you have been sucked into the frenzy too. Within this frenzy however, social media has been making a breakthrough. While watching these shows, there are many references to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and many others. Linking social media to social TV has become a trend.

The Instagram Wall

Twitter has normally been the main social media platform to link social media and social TV but Instagram is pushing through. Recently, E! News and E! Online made this breakthrough for Instagram. Many of you may know E! for covering red carpets or from True Hollywod Story however, the entertainment channel is now known for much more and has launched the new “Instagram Wall”.

This Instagram wall features:

  • The top 200 celebrities on Instagram while showing the top 10 on a grid for users and also the most popular photo for the day
  • An Activity section which shows photos sorted by hashtags or popular events
  • A breakdown for each celebrity showing the times and days they post the most frequently

insta wall_opt

This wall can be accessed online and on any device at any time. On E! News, correspondents can interact with the wall by using a touch screen monitor. I believe this is just the beginning of the innovation to come for linking social media to TV. This has also given Instagram more buzz and it is one of the contenders for marketers as well.

 Most Liked Instagram Picture

As you may all remember at the Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie that became the most liked selfie on Twitter of all time. Recently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had the same buzz after their extravagant wedding in Italy. Kim Kardashian posted a picture of the two kissing on her Instagram page and received over 1.92 million likes.


The picture broke the record for the most liked picture on Instagram. When this happened, it was reported by almost every magazine and entertainment news outlet. The pop culture frenzy broke out as it was a reality star of course but social media also benefited as it was featured once again. Social media definitely plays a part in pop culture and it can be used as a platform for marketers to advertise their products. Imagine if a company posted a picture and it received the most likes, that would be huge exposure for that company.

Social Media as a Platform for Marketing

That popular Oscar selfie is said to be worth one billion dollars. Yes one billion dollars for a selfie! The CEO in charge of Samsung’s international marketing claims this worth is due to the popularity it received and sharing on social media. The social media buzz was a huge benefit for Samsung. It may have even been a marketing strategy. For future marketers, social media is just the beginning. This interaction with social media and social TV can be a huge opportunity for product campaigns. They will be able to reach a huge audience over different spectrums. Marketers will be able to tap into social media and social TV all at once which exposes their brand and products to multiple consumers.

So this pop culture frenzy might not be a bad thing after all.

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