5 ways Social Media helps us to be Better, Stronger, Faster

How often do you see motivational quotes on social media about being fit, eating healthy? Ever those posts motivated or inspired you to work out?

Being fit, going to the gym and working out in some sort of ways is a huge growing trend right now. Baby boomers are the highest number of people who are taking the preventive health measures at the moment. Baby boomers are the most fitness minded people and this trend is noticeable, you can see from any social media. There are ones who are posting about their success, setting goals, sharing tips and tricks. Some people are even more popular than many others due to their fitness success and their strong set goal and their ability to motivate and inspire others through social media.


Here are 5 ways how being fit is becoming easier with Social media trend

1. Wanting to start – #Inspired 1Ever wanted to swing by yoga class when you scroll down a pictures of amazing yoga posed person? When your feedback on Facebook floods with self improved pictures, healthier lifestyle – wouldn’t you want to try to do so as well?

Deep in our mind, we all want healthier lifestyle and it starts when we start to actually want it and recognize that want!

Social media does remind it to us – see that post by your friend about a great workout he or she had? – There you go, little inspiration to start working and start the moving.

2. Keep moving forward – #Motivated Starting is one thing and keeping it up is tougher part of working out. There is always a little push that everyone craves at some point to keep their body and mind moving forward their goals.

Social media posts – motivate us to keep moving forward with many of those blogs counting reasons why we should keep moving forward and reminding the goals we are moving towards.

3. Sharing your success – #Satisfied


Ahh, those gym selfies, trying out new things and sharing them with other people, letting others see what you are up to. That healthy worked out feeling – you want to share.

Also the physical aspect and your mind – I am talking about the best part of working out – Improvement and Change. Sharing your stories with others and that feeling of satisfied is the best you can get from it and now you can do so with speed of light. Speed of light – yes, it is possible through Social Media.

4. Constantly being reminded – #Habituated


 Forgot to work out? Too bad! Now all those quotes on your facebook feedback, new picture on instagram from the fitness account you follow will keep telling you, you can’t stop and it was a bad decision you have missed your routinely work out.

It is easier to remember your routinely workout with a little unconscious reminder of fitness post that randomly always exists on your social media. You crave working out with that little unconscious reminder, its conditioned learning.

5. Becoming someone’s inspiration – #Approved


There are many people who made career out of their fitness success through the use of social media. Their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is followed by thousands or even millions of followers. They inspire, motivate others to work out while sharing their stories and constantly remind others where they want to be and guide them virtually.

On their side, they get their success approved by others and they achieve not only self-improvement but also self-actualization by motivating, leading others to do well.


Here are 5 ways social media made working out a whole different experience other than just sweating in the gym. It became more of an adventure, habit and a way to self-actualize, thanks to the Social media.


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