Ive Got The Blues

Throughout this semester thus far, I have incorporated my love for music in almost every discussion post, and this here is no exception!
I formed my relationship with music at 5 years old when I “wrote” my first song due to a spanking my mom gave me. I had written on the radiator using crayon and until this day, I can never forget how angry she was at me. I was definitely a momma’s girl, very rarely did I see her angry. She always had such a brave face when times were hard, so to see her angry was a major let down.

I remember feeling so incredibly hurt that I cried and wrote a blues-esque song with the typical Ray Charles melody lol. I can’t recall much but I remember the hook being, “my momma doesn’t love me.” So picture me, 5 years old, on the dry, dirty rug, crying, sobbing for something I did, sounding like a baby ray Charles! As my grandmother used to say, “chile please.” It cracks me up now, kids are hilarious.

From that moment I would spend hours in my room, unbothered, listening to Radio Disney, Destiny’s Child, Luther Vandross, The Supremes, Michael Jackson, and everything under the sun. Singing with emotion like i’ve been through it all. It got to the point where I would wake up humming when the sun would rise and sing myself to sleep when the sun would set. So it’s safe to say that I aspire to become a musical expert.

I’ve never been big on credentials, and I don’t plan on taking hundred of music-based classes to give myself that title.……. Because in my mind an expert in music is what you feel from the heart. Now I cant say that about everything, but being a self taught singer is something I pride myself on. No book taught me that, Maybe later on in high school I polished it up, but I would dare you not to call me an expert at 5! dare you! I breathed music, slept with it, ate with it, went to the park with it, cried with it, cript walked across the stage with it, lost my grandmothers with it, laughed with it, finished the most challenging- life changing class with it, missed my father with it, got lost with it, had my fair share of growing pains with it, this isn’t a proper sentence but you get it! It’s me. & for that matter its everyone. Can you even imagine your life without music? A day without it even? Heck no, its everywhere. They use music to add that extra umph! In commercials. They use it in movies to leave you in suspense, or indicate a moment of joy or sorrow. We recognize emotions and events by the music in the background. Books didn’t teach you that!

You spend a day without music and if you survive please let me know. Please, im serious. Send me an email, call me, anything. I’m Dying to hear this.

So how do I plan to become this expert? I’ll do what I see fit that’s what. I don’t have this checklist. I’m going to float and do what feels right. I want to travel and jot down internally how everyone perceives music. I want to see other people from other countries dance and sing and smile and cry as i do. Just to double check and see if its really as important as I think. Now if I travel the world, and see the same responses to music. I will officially become that music expert. Even though in my mind, I’ve always been one☺



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