Have You Been to Flayvors Yet?


I have been working at Flayvors of Cook Farm in Hadley, MA for the past six years of my life. I started back when I was 14—one of the youngest people who they had ever hired there. I began as an ice cream scooper, then progressed to the sole ice cream maker, and now I am also assisting the manager with supervising duties. I absolutely love my job and the place that I work at. (If you want to read about what it’s like to be an ice cream maker, click here to read a past blog post of mine that is ALL about my role as ice cream maker.)

We make ALL of our ice cream right in the store!

We make ALL of our ice cream right in the store with a ice cream mix that has our own milk in it!

Over the years, I have watched Flayvors significantly grow in popularity. We went from this little farm stand to a buzzing ice cream parlor. Of course, we have some down times, but honestly our overall trend is up, up, and up! We are especially noticing a HUGE increase in customers this past summer and current fall season. (I can’t keep up with the demand for all the COOKIE MONSTER ice cream—you people are obsessed!)


EVERYONE LOVES COOKIE MONSTER. (Especially our lovely employee Mikaela.)

And what do we owe this popularity to? Marketing.

Flayvors has been around since 1998 and we have many loyal customers, some who have been with us since the beginning. (Myself being one of them! When I was a little we used to walk up to Flavyors as a family!) We owe it BIG TIME to these wonderful people. They are constantly bringing in new customers and sharing their experience of our little ice cream shop. This word of mouth spread about Flayvors is certainly a large contributor to our massive lines that have been spiraling out of the store.

We also have THE BEST sunset views...

We also have THE BEST sunset views…

Although this word of mouth mode of marketing seems to work well for Flayvors, as the rise of social media has begun, these sites were a must if we wanted to market ourselves to even more clientele. Over the past few years we have added  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to market our delicious ice cream and farm. We utilize these sites to get customers excited about new flavors, products, and happenings on the farm. (If you haven’t already, like/follow us now!!) Encouraging customers to comment and participate in contests has become a fun way to get people excited for what we have to offer. The new trend of hashtagging, tweeting, and instagraming is something that we are trying to utlizie to the best of our ability. When people come to the shop we constantly see them snapping photos and videos while enjoying our treats and visiting all the cows. Our hope is that they are “tagging” Flayvors to spread the word of our delicious ice cream to the world!

Aside from these straightforward “marketing strategies”, in my opinion, our most important marketing strategy is our constant push to improve and diversify our product. Since we have been around for years, we have a stable list of flavors that we know people like. These are what we call our “traditional flavors” (here is a link!), to include vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, black raspberry, etc. In order to always attract new customers and excite our current ones, we are constantly coming up with new flavors. Below are some of the tasty specials we have at Flayvors right now!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I mentioned, we have really seen a big boost in Flayvors popularity over the past year or so (and especially these last few months). This past summer we were mentioned in, 50 Great College Town Ice Cream Shops, as well as this little thing called THE HUFFINGTON POST !!!! (I cried when I read this article.) Also a huge shout out to our mention in an article by UMass’s wonderful Her Campus Blog this past spring! The article, Hidden Gems, named Flayvors as one of the hidden treasures around UMass. She said that it, “…saddens me that I’ve been in the area for almost two years and I just discovered Flayvors this winter…” so don’t be like her and try Flayvors today and enjoy it for the remainder of your college experience and long after that!!

If you haven’t been to Flayvors yet, you don’t know what you are missing… We strive for locality, quality, and an all-around stellar experience on our farm!

The cows and I will see you at Flayvors soon! :)

The cows and I will see you at Flayvors soon! 🙂

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