Does Apple even have to try anymore?

The iPhone 6 and 6+ have officially released at Apple and cell phone retailers around the world last week. People lined up around blocks as if they have never seen or used an iPhone at all. With minimal changes to any of their devices such as their iPods, iPads, and iMacs, people go crazy for these minor changes and spend their next pay check (if not, more) on their new Apple merchandise.

You would think that for people to be going so overboard for this new phone that they have done something majorly different to it. A little cosmetic change was all it took. Yes, it comes with the new operating system, but that new operating system will also be available to upgrade on your iPhone 5 or 5s. Yes the phone is now bigger, but wasn’t that the reason NOT to switch over to Androids because all their phones were like tablets? Yes the phone has a “faster” A8 microchip and a “better” camera, but is it really that much faster and better?

So how do I think they have kept people hooked from the start? They have turned ordinary products to look something out of its time. Giving a lot of their products an aluminum look, gives it an extremely clean look. They continue to build beautiful products for an audience that loves them passionately. They make their fans grow in love with them every time a new product comes out. With these small cosmetic changes every September, with a large fan base in the market, they don’t even have to try to convince anybody to upgrade. How did they get this fan base? They became “the name“. You don’t buy tissues, you buy Kleenex. You don’t buy smartphones, you buy iPhones. You don’t buy mp3 players, you buy iPods. Apple doesn’t want to just lead in sales, they want to own the whole entire market.

Some things to think about are Apple’s future products. Do you really think this iPhone 6/6+ is their most up to date design / piece of technology? Maybe they already have the iPhone 10 planned out by now but are taking baby steps on releasing the product to make that much more money. Why would they do this? Because they are marketing geniuses.


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