Nike vs Adidas.. Who wins??

Adidas and Nike have been rivals fighting for the same market (shoes mainly) for quite some time.  These are the two goliaths in the shoe, cleat industries, both successful are in their own right but the question is who is winner and is there really a “loser”?  Obviously with the way we have grown up there is always a winner and a loser unfortunately if a competition is persisting.  Both of these companies have quite a roster of celebrity endorsers that are on each of their respective “teams”.

Some people feel as though Nike wins, whereas others prefer Adidas and will live and die by Adidas. This rivalry is one that has been going on for a long time, and each company has experienced the hardships and triumphs.  Adidas was created in 1948 by Adi Dassler , and is still going strong today and Nike was started in 1964 by Phil Knight and has a come a long way to catch up and possibly over takenAdidas due to great marketing techniques, and good recruiting to get high profile athletes to join the Nike side.  Adidas has also followed the same path in order to be extremely successful. This fight or conquest these two brand incur in one I like to call the “ Sport-wear Showdown”.  In order to get a large share of the market these people have to do a lot of recruiting and television ads to show the brand on a world wide dynamic.

Nike is a company that goes by the slogan “just do it”, and came to fruition from blue ribbon sports.  Nike is a company that does massive tv commercials, to advertise their variety of footwear, sporting apparel, equipment and services, the company headquarters is located in Beaverton, Oregon. Nike made upwards of 25 billion in revenue, yes billion with a “b” in the last fiscal year.  Which is huge number and has a huge market share 41% of athletic accessories.  Where as the company of adidas that goes by the saying “Impossible is nothing” and that slogan is fitting as they have a lot of ground to make up in terms of market share sense because they only have 10 percent of total market share for shoes. Its clear to me that these two mammoths of companies have exponential growth potential and this rivalry will last for plenty more decades.  Right now the fight may not seem that close based on market share but over the past five years adidas keeps cutting the gap, so in the future you never know who will have complete control of the market.

On to the respective teams of both nike and adidas, these two companies have a “bargaining power” as they essentially have all star caliber players in each of the major sport industries. For team Nike at PG (Chris Paul), SG (Kobe Bryant) SF (Kevin Durant) PF (Lebron James) C (Amare Stoudemire).  And the opponent team Standing at 6,3’’ their starting point guard (derrick rose), at SG (damian lillard) at SF (josh Smith) at PF (Tim Duncan) and at Center (Dwight Howard).  So if these two companies were to play a 5v5 game the game would be very close as the talent level on both team is insane and you got to give credit to the marketers for lining up these deals. Although the research may say that nike is the clear winner I think based on this data and the upward trajectory of adidas in the past few months gives me hope that adidas isn’t that far behind.  I like to think of the comparison like the movie dodgeball Nike is Globo Gym and Adidas is the Average Joes, therefore they are the underdogs and I’m a sucker for underdog stories so go adidas go.

And overall the winner is?



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