Shaking the Bottle on Beverage Advertising

Earlier this summer, Coca Cola swapped out their classic logo that has been hugging its bottles for decades for something a bit more personal; names. The Coca Cola marketing team was hard at work generating a list of the 250 most popular Millennials names for its Share-a-Coke campaign in the United States. Each bottle was then stripped of its classic Coca Cola decal and randomly assigned one of these familiar names.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 1.21.36 PM

Jennifer Healan, Coca Cola’s Director of Marketing Content and Design, recently spoke about the Share-a-Coke Marking campaign: “‘Share a Coke’ is designed to get people talking and sharing,” she said. “When teens see that the iconic Coca-Cola logo has been replaced by their name or their friends’ names, they can’t help but take a picture and post it online.” The hashtag #Shareacoke is also displayed on the bottle in an effort to bring this campaign virtual through commonly used social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The goal of the campaign, Jennifer Healan later goes on to describe in more detail, is to “celebrate real moments of sharing and the stories behind them.”

The Share-a-Coke campaign is a designed market-product strategy to address the issue of market penetration. Around the world, the Coca Cola brand is a household name to say the least. Nevertheless, they still need to compete with other soft drink giants for the ever-growing, and always changing, world market share. The market penetration strategy is largely a marketing-department driven technique that companies use to sell more of their existing products. Anything from a sleek new to label on a bottle to Matthew McConaughey driving around the newest Buick SUV can inspire consumers to buy more of a company’s product.

Coca Cola is using its Share-a-Coke campaign to try and strike consumer interest in their product using the personalization approach. With an economy that recently is driven more and more by customization, Coca Cola has found a way to grab the attention of consumers simply by putting popular names on bottles. These names attract customers who may see the name of a friend or relative or even their own name proudly displayed on the bottle. The online Share-a-Coke Campaign even allows consumers to personalize a virtual bottle, which they can then virtually ‘share’ with anyone they want.

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