The Power of Social Media

When a Company wants to perfect or share a Product, where is one of the best places they could go? If you named a form of Social Media, you couldn’t be more right! Things like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allow Companies and Individuals, to communicate on a large scale. When a Company is looking to further a Product line, they take the path that will lead to more profit, and by using Social Media they are able to find out exactly what people want. More than that, they are showing the population that their input is valued. By showing those who they connect to on Social Media their importance, they are not only building a brand that current Consumers can stand behind they are also attracting fresh attention.

You may have expected this, but I just can’t start a conversation about Social Media and not give a recent and solid example! Many of you may know “Lay’s Potato Chips”, but a name you may be unfamiliar with is “Walkers Crisps”. These are actually two in the same! Walkers Crisps is simply the label for the products sold in the United Kingdom. Like the Lay’s counterpart we have all seen in the US, there is currently a competition entitled “Walkers Do Us A Flavour” that is underway in the United Kingdom which is letting the people vote on what the newest flavor should be! Now this may not seem very unique as we have indeed seen this multiple times before, but what is unique is the way Walkers Crisps is using Social Media to their advantage.

The phrase “Tweet to Eat” makes this campaign remarkable. Not only can the public buy these limited time Flavors in order to vote online, but from Late August up until September 11th 3 bus stops in London were given a makeover. Each stop was outfitted with an interactive vending machine that would dispense up to 260 free packets of crisps every day. In order to get a free pack all someone had to do was Tweet “@Walkers_busstop” and include a code that was provided on screen.

Tweet To Eat

As you may know, some of these submitted flavors can get a bit wacky, which understandably causes people to be wary of spending money in order to try them. Giving away samples, opens the door to new consumers, but by taking this extra step to involve Social Media Walkers Crisps has become newsworthy with little effort. Twitter and the phrase “Tweet to Eat” has allowed this campaign to spread like wildfire, even for us in America. Globalization and the ability to create a brand is, without a doubt, The Power of Social Media.

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