Double-Tap for Marketing

Instagram is one of the biggest social media sites in the world.  It allows you to follow the lives of your friends, family and even favorite celebrities through the lens of their camera.  In just a quick double-tap of their picture you can show them you are interested in what exciting event is happening in their lives, even if its just their dog cuddled up on their bed.  While I love seeing pictures of my friends and what they are up to, seeing what celebrities posts allow you to get into a part of their lives that you previously could not access.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is the actor James Franco.  James Franco is a pretty unconventional guy and that’s why I originally followed him.  I quickly noticed that he takes his Instagram and utilizes it for the best.  Instead of posting obscure pictures Franco also promotes whatever project he is currently working on.  If he is directing a new film he will put up behind the scenes pictures of his work, creating an interest in this piece of work that was previously nonexistent.  His pictures spark interest.  Seeing a behind the scene look at a movie allows the fan to feel as though they are close to Franco and makes them more invested in his work.  As you scroll through his pictures you can see day by day how his films are developing, along with other (sometimes inappropriate) pictures, and takes you on a journey you would otherwise not be able to go on.  I know first hand that James Franco’s personal marketing techniques are helping his career due to the fact that because of his post I attended one of his plays.  Franco was in Of Mice and Men on broadway for a couple of months and when I saw his Instagram post that  advertised this new play I immediately bought a ticket.  Being from New York, I went to see plays on broadway all the time and through Instagram I was able to find a new play to see all the way from Massachusetts and all because James Franco was marketing himself via a picture.  That picture alone earned him a double-tap and filled seat in a theater.



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