Mall Stalkers

“Excuse me ma’am can I have a minute of your time?”

“Your hands are looking awfully dry today, let me show you something…”



We’ve all been there, walking through the mall minding our own business when out of nowhere, some sales person pops out from their kiosk and tries to suck you in. If you’re like me, you put your angry game face on and hope that’s enough to keep them away..


Now i know they’re just doing their job (I mean the poor soles usually work off commission so they’re forced to sell you useless and overpriced products that will only sit in some cabinet or closet until spring cleaning just so they can pay their bills) but do they even use what they’re selling?

This lovely sales force is probably up there on the list of most annoying. So what does one do when approached by one of these money hungry salesmen?….. RUN
Or you could be like me, look them dead in the eye and say:
“My mommy says I’m beautiful and I don’t need to buy any of that stuff”


But…I have to give credit where it is due, and for the people who come up with these things to sell, I applaud you. Half the time, I didn’t know I needed an “Anti-Aging Hand Cream” at 20 until you just stopped me in the middle of my power walk to the Burlington Coat Factory.

So thanks to Marketing 301 here at UMass I am now an avid supporter of permission marketing. If I want to buy your smelly magical hand cream, let me approach you and ask a million questions so you can empty my bank account. Don’t chase me down the isle telling me I need your product to live. I will give you the stank face and continue walking.



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